So so close.

Just two bugs away, probably, from having something working in its entirety. E.g. everything else is additional features rather than core functionality.

Current bugs:

1 – Render of StepTableCell is outside the bounds of the cell for reasons unknown, it’s not self.view or self.contentview issues.
2 – Content of custom table cell does not move when entering edit mode etc. Need to animoot manually!


– Add author information.
– Prettify… my graphics/icons do not look ‘consistent’.
– Ponder utensil code and usefulness.
– Ratings.
– Bluetooth content distribution.
– Web based content distribution.
– Account management to allow for authorship.
– iPad code.
– Preferences code.

There are other things as well but the two ‘bugs’ I find irritating. Another thing is the consistency of the UI design approach. I’m not sure which views are better served by being modal and/or whether final views such as the view to add instructions is better served by adding steps with a + icon in the top right (like the first Category view) or via edit mode and a special table cell (a la some rows in the middle of the main detail view).

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