Progress doesn’t always feel like progress.

So many changes have been made, which doesn’t always feel like you’re getting anywhere. I’ve made it so that Recipes sent in any form are transmitted as JPEG’s at 50% quality, it seems you can set the quality level of JPEG but not PNG. This should help mitigate the possibility of a recipe being 20-30MB of data if somebody decides to create one for a cooking lesson. E.g. lots of small steps, each one illustrated.
The iPhone application has been changed into a tabbar/navbar app allowing for a permanent and separate recipe view. This meant that a lot of iPad specific code was no longer specific and could be moved to the shared classes. It also acted as an impetus to solve some of the pettier iPad specific bugs relating to that view. I also decided to adopt the iPad unified view rather than the iPhone versions recipe summary/ingredient and method split.
Many things to fix still such as image zoom, pdf generation, preview images in emailed content, ingredient/step management, category combining, whole category emailing? etc.
It also heralded the first time I’ve used the app start to finish to write in a recipe then add photographs to the steps later on. It worked fine. I also used it to record recipes from Fallout New Vegas so I could scavenge the right stuff for them in my wasteland wanderings.
A surfeit of Pumkin/Apple provided by my sister and the garden trees respectively prompted a baking of Pumpkin Pie, Apple Pie and Blackberry and Apple Pie. Lamb and Pumpkin Tagine was also cooked. Sadly time got the better of me and a lot of the pumpkin has since decided that it’s cellulose based cell walls are not, anymore generic for diovan. Shame, I was hoping to make a pumpkin chutney.

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