Good to see Metroid Prime Trilogy on the Wii U

Thanks to a post by Lewie P over on Savy Gamer I found these save files which help greatly with unlocking some content on these old games now the systems that supported it are long gone. So if anyone else is unsure about how to get these save games to work this is what I discovered worked for me. As an aside I was running low on space, and had to install the trilogy to a USB Hard Disk. The game wouldn’t boot and eventually restarted my Wii U. I managed to move some games off the main storage area onto the USB and then move Metroid Prime Trilogy onto the main storage. Worked fine then. So here’s how to get the save game onto the Wii U, assuming you’ve never played Metroid Prime Trilogy via the disk and already have save data.

  1. Start metroid prime and go so far as creating save data and selecting a mii.
  2. Quit and launch the wii menu, copy the save data to SD card.
  3. Put SD card in PC, go to private\wii\title\R3MP and backup data.bin somewhere.
  4. Copy metroid_prime_trilogy_eu.bin over as data.bin.
  5. Eject card and put back into Wii U.
  6. Delete the save game data from the Wii menu.
  7. Copy the SD Card save data back onto the Wii

Then exit Wii mode back to the main Wii U menu, launch the game and viola <sic>.

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