Thoughts on Adr1ft with the Oculus Rift.

I want to write some thoughts on the referendum, on the other hand I’m scared; so I’m going to sit on that for some time.  Possibly permanently, restraint of tongue and pen.  To salve the itch to write something down I figured I’d repost my steam review of Adr1ft.

Despite my earlier concerns having played with the DK1, DK2, Vive and PSVR I’m happy to say that my thought having used PSVR was that the fit was simply wrong and that’s why my experience of the other ones was lacking turned out to be true.  The Rift CV1 arrived a week and half ago and by and large I’ve found it excellent.  Certainly surpassing my expectations in terms of fidelity.  Having said that I didn’t have sky high expectations; this helps I imagine!


I think this experience is pretty much defined by whether you play it in VR or not. In VR the sense of scale and space is phenomenal and the graphics easily amongst the most captivating I’ve seen.

The controls I found very well thought out allowing me to move/drift about with good accuracy between segments and avoid bumping into things inside segments most of the time.

In terms of gameplay actions there is little. The navigation compass is passable. If the arrows are big and off to the side wrong orientation, if it’s small and in front you’re facing the right way, enough that I knew where to go with some thought. The game is very much float over here, hit this switch/computer/button, grab this, take it over there plug it in and unlock something else to do 8jyafhl.

There’s enough detail present in the emails on PCs and voice recorders etc. to flesh out the world and the events well enough. Well I say that, but I’ve not finished it yet having played about 90 mins, but it’s certainly looking OK so far.

So if you’ve not got VR you may want to pass on this unless the idea appeals and you’re a fan of these kind of so called walking simulators. It’s not up there with Gone Home but I’ve found myself preferring it to Everybody’s Gone to the Rapture. If you’ve got VR go for it, pretty much unreservadly I feel.. the experience is worth it even if the gameplay isn’t.

I’ve got the strangest sense that I’m still in some kind of space suit despite stopping playing some ten or so minutes ago. Persistence of altered reality. The game view is from inside the space suit so you’re view is very effectively restricted; it’s *really* well done.

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