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Exporting your digital comics from Comics.app on iPhone

*Post originally contained information on how to backup your comics, redacted at the request of Comixology’s CEO.* Digital comics are a great thing, and I’m slowly amassing a reasonable library of them through the fantastic Comics.app (Comixology) on the iPhone/iPad. … Continue reading

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Progress doesn’t always feel like progress.

So many changes have been made, which doesn’t always feel like you’re getting anywhere. I’ve made it so that Recipes sent in any form are transmitted as JPEG’s at 50% quality, it seems you can set the quality level of … Continue reading

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iPad rotation problems, an update.

So having created a separate test app which does not exhibit the problem I ported some of that code into my app which then starts to exhibit the issue I conclude that the problem lies within the view containing the … Continue reading

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A small applescript utility.

Knocked this up today as I figure it will prove it’s worth in the future. Drag and drop an image onto it and it will generate the necessary files for the various icons/artwork an iPhone/iPhone4 or iPad application, it should … Continue reading

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