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Thoughts on Adr1ft with the Oculus Rift.

I want to write some thoughts on the referendum, on the other hand I’m scared; so I’m going to sit on that for some time. ┬áPossibly permanently, restraint of tongue and pen. ┬áTo salve the itch to write something down … Continue reading

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Pretty Reckless – Going to Hell Wallpaper

Couldn’t find a decent sized version of their album cover anywhere in a wallpaper style design, so here’s a quick’n’dirty one at 1920×1200. <img src="×1200-1024×640.jpg" alt="ThePrettyReckless-GoingToHell-1920×1200" width="640" height="400" class="aligncenter size-large wp-image-527" srcset="https://www try×1200-1024×640.jpg 1024w,×1200-300×187.jpg 300w” sizes=”(max-width: 640px) 100vw, … Continue reading

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Wow it’s been sometime huh? Here’s a brief rundown…

It’s all been rather hectic. Lots has been happening and unhappening. The most obvious being that the box that runs this website went a bit mental as the hard disks succumbed to age; and I’ve been too busy to fix … Continue reading

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Has it been nearly a month?

It’s odd, I can’t believe it’s been that long since the last post. There hasn’t really been anything to write about, no trials with code, no revelations, just fairly steady progress. In other news I’ve finished one playthrough of The … Continue reading

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Jagged Alliance 2 – the static universal binary.

Using a lot of cues from elsewhere I’ve put together a DMG containing JA2 statically linked to the necessary SDL library. It contains the data for the 800×600 mod my Mythrell and still requires the game data files. More information … Continue reading

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Roger Hargreaves 76th Birthday – Google Logos

Google have celebrated Roger Hargreaves 76th birthday with a whole stack of Mr. Men logos. As far as I can discern from the javascript there are 16 of them, after the cut.

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Application Accepted!

Well that was quite smooth, the application is now in the App Store Right Here!. In other news it appears I’d completely forgotten in my rush to get the site live to include LV partitions for the site and it’s … Continue reading

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Application Submitted!

Well actually it was submitted last Friday, but with the announcement of the iPad 2 and everything else I’m not expecting it to go live this week. Suffice to say I’ll be posting a store link or page link here … Continue reading

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So two weeks work later.

And I have a reasonably themed wordpress install, integrated with a reasonably themed bbpress install. Not bad having never touched html or css before. Now I just need to gather those screenshots up. So, it’s kinda live: Chef’s Book I … Continue reading

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Getting the hang of css.

There’s some really nice stuff you can do in CSS, one of which is getting rid of graphics for borders, backgrounds, and buttons. Transparency is a boon as well allowing good styling with minimal effort, in my case surrounding pre … Continue reading

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